Persistent Peril directed the official music video for ‘Noise Trade’ by the instrumental noisenik band Three Trapped Tigers.

In this low poly style promo a creatures heart is awoken by the living inhabitants of the world, which he must destroy if he is to return.

Approaching the instrumental track we created a ‘timeline’ of the music, using this to construct a narrative. In order to find the pace and tone directors garth+ginny edited a colour reel consisting of blocks of colours cut to the beat. This structure allowed them to draw storyboards, followed by an animatic which was constantly updated throughout the production with rough animation. Finally it was updated with final shots so the artwork could be seen in context.

Using a blend of software the promo combined Flash 2D animation with C4D and illustrated landscapes, and was composited in After Effects.

The Music Promo premiered on the Guardian music website, and has been blogged by both the music press and inspiring art blogs, including; NME, Cold Hard Flash, Creative Review and featured on Stash.

The Promo hit the international festival circuit playing at the Pictoplasma character conference (Berlin), the View Conference (Turin, Italy), Athen Video Arts Festival (Athens, Greece), MUV (Florence, Italy), Anifest (Prague, Czech Republic).

Client: Blood & Biscuits & Three Trapped Tigers.
Taken from 'Route One Or Die' (Blood and Biscuits).
Director: Persistent Peril
Animation: Ginny Jones, Garth Jones
Producer for PP: Sam Bourner

With Thanks to: Artillery Design | Ed Fergusson | Mark Billington | Tunch Ozbeser​​​​​​​
Making of
Animatic with final promo.

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