Working with the creative team at 23Red we were thrilled to bring to life ‘The Vitals’.

The rag tag group of organs were illustrated by Jack Cant for the NHS Waste or Save campaign. Lightning strikes, wrecking balls, cliff edges and volcanos were used to bring humour to the serious issue of wasted organs. We created a series of short gags with 23Red, which were then edited together and used to create an interactive campaign. 

James Locke-Hart once again provided wonderful sound and music, including the amazing squelches and cries of our Vital heroes!

Client: NHS Blood and Transplant
Agency: 23 Red
Direction: Persistent Peril
Animation: Ginny Jones, Garth Jones
Audio: James Locke-Hart
Voice Over: Emma Clarke
Producer for PP: Sam Bourner

For 23 Red:
Creative Director: Sean Kinmont
Assistant Creative Director: Tristan Cavanagh
Art Director: Tom Mann
Copywriter: Claire Medcalf
Illustrator: Jack Cant
Creative Services: Philippa Dunning, Jessie Hutter

Adapting Existing Characters, Storyboarding and Animatics, Animation Production

7 x GIFs for each Vital, 1 x Hero Edit, Assets for Interactive Version

Making of

Each of Jack’s wonderful character designs were drawn over in Animate, allowing them to be posed and re-drawn easily. Turn arounds were created from the original poses to help the animators move them in 3D space if they needed to. 

Below are storyboard frames from our initial rough animatics used to work out the edit, and each Organs disastrous encounter. 

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