As a part of Brighton Digital Festival, Persistent Peril presented a evening of live animation and visuals at the Lighthouse. Team PP lined up alongside Brighton based digital musician Calika in a one of a kind live performance.

All three members of team PP controlled a projector each, featuring live animations and visuals, created as a response to 3 of Calika’s forthcoming tracks. What the audience watched was up to them, with three projected screens merging and interacting with each other in unique ways with each track.

Live music performance: Calika
Animation & live visuals: Persistent Peril
‘Lovlier Still’ found footage sourced by Charlie Willis & Sam Bourner
Illustrated and executed in a mixture of Illustrator, Flash and After Effects the visuals for ‘Off’ play with an evolving planet. Each planet has the same set of environmental elements, wind, rain, storm and sun. How and when each planet evolves is up to each artist. Falling in and out of sync each planet makes its own path as their stories evolve.
Death to the Uno
An experimental character piece, the visuals for ‘Death to the Uno’ features a seedling which grows into a creature, or ‘Uno’. Each artist was given the same set of loops and working together blended the action across the screens. This created an abstract narrative to the rhythm of the live track, as the ‘Uno’ leaped, planted, grew and died time and time again.
Lovlier Still
The video for this track was sourced from live action achieves. Arranged in 3 panels, the clips can be read in a liner narrative, much like a comic book. Using this device, sometimes the meaning of a clip would change in the presence of the others, playing with the audiences expectations.
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