Persistent Peril were proud to join this years fantastic team in creating illustration & animation, on an enormous scale, for the 2012 Camp Bestival finale.

Creative Director Kate Genevieve (Chroma Collective), approached Persistent Peril to work along side Creative Director Richard Cranmer (Two Tigers Fireworks), Technical Director Mark Scarratt (Brightonart) on the 2012 Firework Finale for Camp Bestival.

We were asked to create a 16 minute animation on the theme of ‘silly sports day’ to be video-mapped and projected by Brightonart, onto Lulworth Castle as part of the family festival’s closing finale celebration, directed by Two Tigers Fireworks.

Working with Kate Genevieve, we designed a cast of sporting characters to lead the 20,000 strong audience through the fireworks finale.

Playing with space and conventions we wanted to keep the graphics clean and sharp, but inject them with lively character animation. Working from Brightonarts technical drawing we roughed out the action in detailed animatics avoiding areas of shadow and complicated masonry. Working closely to the music each action was carefully timed to punctuate the beat. In keeping the animation playful we had incredible help from 2D animators Mark Billington and Emma Wakley.

Mark Scarratt of Brightonart, who was responsible for the projection mapping helped us with the constraints of the process and together we were able to graphically manipulate the space and form of Lulworth Castle.

This was a hugely collaborative and epic job in every sense, from production to the final night, and we were so proud to be part of it.


Client: Camp Bestival 
Direction: Persistent Peril
Animation: Ginny Jones, Mark Billington, Garth Jones, Emma Wakley​​​​​​​
Making of

Here is a little 'making of', showcasing Emma Wakley's Lion animation. The film shows the process from design, rough animation throught to the final projection.
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